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For the first time in Russia and maybe in the world appeared a unique creative project, which combines classical, symphonic music and ancient Arabic melodies!



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Kamal about bellydance

In studio for individual classes styled as a theatre sitting-room Kamal Ballan, musician and choreographer teaches skill of bellydance. He is in his early fifties. But he is in the prime of life. He is a poet, musician, composer. He speaks perfect Arabic and Russian languages, telling refined poems.

His individual classes are the theatre of one actor. He jokes, explains dancing parts vividly, poetically declaims his own poems. Under the signboard "School of genuine bellydance" not a bombastic trick, but hard work of professional, who knows how to work with women's collective.

That is what Kamal says about theory of dance origin: - I think, that dance appeared in Egypt in times of pharaohs. It was adopted by nations, that is why it was influenced by different ethnic groups.

History of bellydance
History of bellydance

Including Gipsy dance -after all gypsies lived in Egypt, namely in Saidi. Approximately at this time different Arabic nations from Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Yemen migrate in Egypt. Thus, genre becomes Arabic. Dance was not a religious rite, there were no canons of performance, that is why it undergone changes under the influence of different directions and today there are several types of it.

Arabic dances with time gives possibility to come to deep understanding of your body, developing harmony of soul and body. I won't agree with those who say that Arabic dance is erotic temptation. Clothes and complex of movements in this dance arouse these feelings. This dance is created more to arouse joy, but not sexual attraction. It will be interesting for you to know that Arabic women danced around parturient woman in Bedouin tent, while child was born, giving mother emotional support.

History of bellydance
History of bellydance

At first dance was folk -it was performed on weddings, different holidays. The best dancers were chosen in order to dance secretly on holidays for high officials. Dance was genre with the help of which one could become closer to power. Nowadays dance is called "bellydance" -dance of belly, though I am sure, that actually this word is European transcription of Arabic word "balady", that means native land or "bal-da" -my village.

I looked for my own vision of dance, thinking mathematically for a long time. I think that any dance is perspective of different angles and verticals. But only putting soul into it, one can get into contact with spectators!

Love your spectator! A dancer, feeling her body, gives every movement like enormous thought. Listen attentively to the phrase: "When we speak, we loose half of sense." And why? Thought is a bird of the open space, which in cage of words can only spread its wings, but cannot fly. Thought can be delivered without words -by movements.

It is possible to kill and create by glance. By single glance only. All world, all space is reflected in the eyes; there is a lot of force in it. It seems to be one of the components of God's present to a man.

That is why I think, that dance is not a primitive language of body, it is language of a soul. We should feel space around us with finger-tips. To the limit, as our hands stretch out, it is our space. In every finger there is a ray, which move away from borders of the space, if it exists. It is necessary to feel it, and through these feeling one can feel himself source of light.

A brief video-familiarity with Kamal Ballan.


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