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For the first time in Russia and maybe in the world appeared a unique creative project, which combines classical, symphonic music and ancient Arabic melodies!



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FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

How long continues studying in group of beginning level?
It depends on progress in studies of the group. Approximately three months for beginning group and half of a year for intermediate group. It is significant that in school of Kamal Ballan there is very high level of teaching and great intensity of classes.

Therefore at the end of studying you will be really skillful at bellydance, feel yourself in dance, sense immediate contact with audience, be able to make unforgettable impression on spectator.

Камаль учит
Камаль учит

How many students are in a group?
Understanding the reason of the question, we give an answer to the question, which mostly worries you: we always construct lessons so that every student gets individual attention of the teacher and does not get lost in crowd or behind backs of group mates! Therefore, there are not more than 10 students in every group. So every student can get maximum attention from the teacher

Камаль учит
Камаль учит

How can man teach woman's dance?
Many people are worried about this question, but it is not said aloud. We will answer in such a way: yes, he can and he can do it in excellent way. There is no such movement in Arabic dance, which cannot be shown and explained by man.

Moreover, though it is woman's dance, it was created to make impression on men. Therefore it is better, easier and effectively to be taught bellydance by man. For example, what will you do to find out the opinion of your husband: read thick woman's magazines or ask your husband directly? Exactly for those, who know right answer to this question, created our school!

Can be compensated lessons, missed because of student's fault?
At the expense of 1-2 missed lessons you can visit as many lessons of other group, though it is not always advisable – in other group process of studying can either remain behind or be far ahead of your level.

Who teaches at the lessons?
Kamal Ballan himself teaches at the lessons, otherwise it was not school of Kamal Ballan. Moreover, on most lessons there are Kamal's assistants, who help every student to master the art of one or another movement. And most interesting is that part of the lesson pass to the accompaniment of live Arabic music – lute or darbuka.

Which clothes are suitable for lessons?
Most girls prefer long skirt (wide or/ and with sections) or wide trousers and short top. You can study either barefoot or in socks (or even on heels). You can put shawl on your hips. Shawl or waistband can be decorated with glass beads or coins.


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