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For the first time in Russia and maybe in the world appeared a unique creative project, which combines classical, symphonic music and ancient Arabic melodies!



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Influence of bellydance on woman's organism.

Receipt of woman's beauty and appeal in combination with good health was created many ages ago. On the East people know about mental and energetic value of dancing movements for many thousand years. Typical for woman's body circular and semicircular hip rotations activate woman's energy and help to release creative force.

Specialists consider bellydance to strengthen health and prolong youth. Being attractive and charming, learning bellydance is first of all way to have healthy, supple and docile body. Due to bellydance muscular corset is formed, and internal gets perfect massage. Dance technique is polished by ages. Unlike sanitation systems, which are popular nowadays (shaping, aerobics, body-building and so on), dance evidently influences on the internal, joints and spine.

Movements of bellydance from ancient times were used as perfect regime of predelivery exercises. They strengthen muscles, which are used during childbirth. Form of exercises through dance makes natural childbirth easier and is a perfect restorative gymnastics after it.

Problem, familiar to many people is suppressed body, heaviness in shoulders and back. Arabic dances influence wholesomely in this case too. Dancers often mention, that their back, shoulders, neck hurt them less and rarely.

And do not forget that it brings such life energy, that one cannot stay indifferent to it. Dance will teach you to love yourself, softly and without violence. Movements of this dance are so individual for every person, every figure that, while studying woman gets to know peculiarities of her own plasticity and learn to love her body. There is no such body, which is not suitable for Arabic dance, just everybody needs special approach.




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