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For the first time in Russia and maybe in the world appeared a unique creative project, which combines classical, symphonic music and ancient Arabic melodies!



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Kamal's school

Kamal Ballan's school of bellydance means:

— Deep understanding of bellydance basis
— Instant Arabic traditions in action!
— Man as a main teacher
— Training from different levels of professionalism
— Individual approach, even in group classes
— Photo and video shooting of students
— Participation in concerts and concert tours of Kamal Ballan's choir.



School of Kamal Ballan is not only school, teaching "right" body movements, which "exactly correspond Arabic dance". We achieve real understanding of great culture of Arabic dance. Kamal's school is first of all school of feminity, individuality, beauty and plasticity. And the most important - it is school of great and ancient culture of beautiful and correct relationships between man and woman.

Arabic bellydance is very strong and reliable weapon! And that is why we do not just teach movements, but first of all, give knowledge and experience of effective use of this tremendous force.

Kamal Ballan makes a reality of instant Arabic traditions! It is very important that classes are organized under the guidance of native man of Arabic culture, splendid musician and composer. Kamal Ballan performs and gives performances on tour for more than 20 years, he is the leader of indubitably the best in Russia choir of Arabic music (Choir of Kamal Ballan) and creator of the unique symphony orchestra, performing Arabic music! And almost all his performances take place with participation of perfect dancers!

That is why Kamal Ballan, as no one else in Russia, knows and understands the real sense, breath and beauty of Arabic dance. And only Kamal's school will help you to learn instant, vivid Arabic dance in all variety; and even to realize yourself as professional dancer!

Studying to live Arabic music! And remember, that we do not teach just movements... We teach to live by dance, feel your body delicately in the changing world, and the most important -to cooperate! With music, with spectators and finally with those, upon whom you want to create impression...

You face more difficult task: while audio record gives sense of reliability and you dance habitually and comfortably with yourself... live music does not give any opportunity to shrink into your shell, and assume only real contact! But you should agree, isn't it the main advantage and essence of real dance?!

Main teacher is a man! One more advantage of the school that classes are led by man, who kept Arabic mentality for 100%. Many people know by experience, that studying bellydance in lonely women's group often does not give anything and finishes with no result... And it is not surprising -bellydance is aimed at cooperation of man and woman after all, and one cannot learn that, listening only to woman's opinion.

That is why under the direction of oriental man it is possible to feel, what means this ancient dance of beauty and instant feminity. And if you have any questions to woman in the process of studying, it is not a problem -in group classes there are always Kamal's assistants, which will both help and show everything you need.


Танцовщицы и Камаль



A brief video-familiarity with Kamal Ballan.


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